Product Disclosure Statements
(platform and managed funds - Non-AMP)
All Platform PDS except AMPBennelong Twenty20 Aust ShareFranklin Templeton Multisector Bond Macquarie Term Cash FundPerpetual Wholesale Industrial Share FundUBS Defensive InvestmentInsurance PDS
Aberdeen Actively Hedged International EquitiesBentham Syndicated Loan FundFidelity Global EquitiesMacquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest FundPerpetual Wholesale Split GrowthUBS Diversified Fixed IncomeAIA Australia Priority Protection 
Aberdeen Asian OpportunitiesBetaShares Active Australian Hybrids Fund Grant Samuel Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield UnhedgedMacquarie Wrap Investment Manager (IDPS)Perpetual Wholeshare Share Plus Long-ShortUBS HALO Australian Share FundAIA Priority Protection for Platform Investors
Aberdeen Australian Equities FundBetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETFHenderson Tactical IncomeMacquarie Wrap Super & Pension ManagerPIMCO Australian Bond Fund - WholesaleUBS International BondAsteron Life Complete
Aberdeen Australian Fixed IncomeBlackRock Global Allocation FundIFP Global FranchiseMagellan Additional Information Booklet PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest WholesaleUBS Property SecuritiesCommInsure Protection
Aberdeen Emerging OpportunitiesBlackRock Indexed Hedged International EquityIFP Global Franchise Fund (Hedged)Magellan Global Equities Fund (Currency Hedged)PIMCO Global Bond FundVaneck Vectors Australian Equal Weight ETFMLC Insurance and MLC Insurance (Super)
Aberdeen ex-20 Australian EquityBlackRock Monthly IncomeInvesco Advantage Wholesale Global Targeted Returns FundMagellan Global Equities Fund (Managed Fund)PIMCO Global Credit WholesaleVanguard Australian Fixed Interest IndexMLC Life Cover Super and Personal Protection Portfolio
Aberdeen Fully Hedged International EquityBlackRock Multi Opportunity Absolute Return FundInvestors Mutual Concentrated Australian Share FundMagellan Global fundPlatinum Asia FundVanguard Australian Government Bond IndexMLC Protectionfirst
Aberdeen Index Income FundBlackRock Scientific Australian Equity FundInvestors Mutual Equity IncomeMagellan Global Fund (Hedged)Platinum International FundVanguard Australian Property Secruitites IndexOnePath -  OneCare
Aberdeen International EquityBlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth FundInvestors Mutual WS Australian ShareMagellan High Conviction Fund Platinum International Fund Trading Managed FundVanguard Australian Shares High YieldTAL Lifetime Protection
Aberdeen Multi-Asset IncomeBlackRock Scientific Diversified Stable FundInvestors Mutual WS Future LeadersMagellan Infrastructure (Unhedged)Platinum Trust FundsVanguard Australian Shares IndexZurich Active
Aberdeen Multi-Asset Real ReturnBlackRock Scientific Global MarketsInvestors Mutual WS Industrial ShareMagellan Infrastructure FundPlato Australian Shares Income FundVanguard Balanced Index FundZurich Sumo
Aberdeen Select Investment Actively Hedged International EquitiesBlackRock Scientific International Equity FundIOOF WealthBuilder Custom Choice Options Australian Shares FundMagellan Infrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged)PM Capital Enhanced YieldVanguard Cash PlusZurich Wealth Protection
Aberdeen Inflation Linked BondBlackRock Wholesale International BondIOOF WealthBuilder Easy Choice Options Balanced FundMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Geared Equity FundPremium China FundVanguard Cash Reserve
Advance Australian Fixed Interest Multi-BlendBT Lifetime Super - Employer PlanIOOF WealthBuilder Easy Choice Options Capital Guaranteed FundMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund - WholesaleRARE Infrastructure Value HedgedVanguard Conservative Index
Advance International Fixed Interest Multi-BlendBT SuperWrap Platform (Pension)IOOF WealthBuilder Easy Choice Options Capital Stable FundMerlon Australian Share IncomeRARE Infrastructure Value UnhedgedVanguard Emerging Markets Shares Index
Advance International Shares Multi-BlendBT SuperWrap Platform (Super)IOOF WealthBuilder Easy Choice Options Fixed Interest FundMFS Concentrated Global Equity TrustResolution Capital Global Property Securities FundVanguard Global Infrastructure Index
Allan Gray Australia Equity BT Wholesale Care Global Share FundIOOF WealthBuilder Easy Choice Options High GrowthMFS Fully Hedged Global Equity TrustResolution Capital Global Property Securities Fund (Hedged)Vanguard Global Infrastructure Index Hedged
AllianceBernstein Dynamic Global Fixed IncomeBT Wholesale Ethical Share FundIOOF WealthBuilder Easy Options Cash FundMLC Wholesale Horizon 4 BalancedRobeco Emerging Conservative Equity Vanguard Growth Index
Alphinity Australian ShareBT Wholesale Imputation FundIronbark Global Diversified AlternativesNikko AM Australian Bond FundSchroder Credit Securities Fund Wholesale ClassVanguard High Growth Index
Alphinity Wholesale Australian EquityBT Wholesale Property Investment FundIronbark Karara Australian ShareNikko AM Australian Share IncomeSchroder Fixed Income Fund WholesaleVanguard High Yield Australian Shares
Antares High Growth Shares FundBT Wrap Platform (Investment)Ironbark LHP Diversified InvestmentsNikko AM Australian Share Concentrated FundSchroder Global Core Fund WholesaleVanguard Index International Shares
APN AREITChallenger Care Plus AnnuityIronbark LHP Global Long/Short NovaPort Smaller Companies FundSchroder Global Emerging Markets WholesaleVanguard International Fixed Interest Index Hedged
Arrowstreet Global EquityChallenger Guaranteed Income Fund Ironbark Paladin Property SecuritiesOC Premium Small CompaniesSchroder Real Return CPI+5% Fund WholesaleVanguard International Property Secruities Index Hedged
Arrowstreet Global Equity HedgedChallenger Guarenteed Annuity (Liquid Lifetime)iShares Australian Bond Index FundOnePath Wholesale Diversified Fixed Interest TrustSchroder Wholesale Australian Equity FundVanguard International Property Securities Index
Asgard Elements Platform (Investment)Challenger Guarenteed Annuity iShares Australian Equity Index FundPayden Global Income Opportunities FundSchroders Additional InformationVanguard International Shares Index Hedged AUD
Asgard Elements Platform (Pension)Charter Hall Direct Industrial No.3iShares Australian Listed Property Index FundPengana Australian Equities FundSG Hiscock ICE FundVanguard International Small Companies
Asgard Elements Platform (Super)Colonial FirstChoice Employer SuperiShares International Equity Index FundPengana Emerging Companies FundSG Hiscock Property FundVanguard International Small Companies Index Hedged
Asgard Employee Super Colonial FirstChoice Wholesale Investments Kapstream Wholesale Absolute Return Income FundPengana Value Growth TrustSGH LaSalle Global Listed Property Securities FundVanguard International Credit Securities Index Hedged
Asgard eWrap Platform (Investment)Colonial FirstChoice Wholesale PensionKeyInvest - Funeral BondPerennial Value Shares Wholesale TrustState Street Australian Equity FundWalter Scott Global Equity Fund
Asgard eWrap Platform (Pension)Colonial FirstChoice Wholesale SuperLegg Mason Martin Currie Equity Income FundPerennial Value Wealth Defender Australian Shares TrustThreadneedle Global Equity Income UnhedgedWalter Scott Global Equity Hedged
Asgard eWrap Platform (Super)Colonial FirstWrap Plus InvestmentsLegg Mason Martin Currie Property Securities FundPerpetual Wholesale Australian Share Fund UBS Australian BondWavestone Wholesale Australian Share
Ausbil 130/30 FocusColonial FirstWrap Plus PensionLegg Mason Martin Currie Real Income FundPerpetual Wholesale Balanced GrowthUBS Australian ShareWinton Global Alpha
Ausbil Australian Active EquityColonial FirstWrap Plus SuperMacquarie Australian Diversified Income FundPerpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity FundUBS Australian Small CompaniesYarra Australian Equities Fund
Ausbil Australian Emerging LeadersDNR Capital Australian Equities High ConvictionMacquarie Australian Fixed Interest FundPerpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI FundUBS Balanced InvestmentYarra Global Small Companies Fund
Australian Ethical Balanced TrustFidelity Australian EquitiesMacquarie Cash Management AccountPerpetual Wholesale Geared Australian Share FundUBS CashZurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund
Bennelong ex-20 Australian EquitiesFidelity Future LeadersMacquarie Income Opportunities FundPerpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies FundUBS Clarion Global Property Securities Zurich Investments Global Thematic Share

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